My Career Goals

November 20, 2023 (1y ago)

My passion lies in solving high-level, abstract problems with maximum real-world impact. I'm open to exploring new challenges, especially those that align with my current interests:

  • Social Software

    • Social media, currently optimized for profit, offers untapped potential for enhancing user satisfaction. There's a need for platforms that facilitate safe, meaningful real-world interactions. In the future, as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) evolves, optimizing social harmony may become even more crucial.
  • Artificial Intelligence and AGI

    • The development of AI and the prospect of AGI is a game-changing field. Contributing to this could be a groundbreaking endeavor, with AI already providing significant value and still in its early stages.
  • VR/XR and AR Technologies

    • Despite current limitations like clunky headsets and underdeveloped VR worlds, the potential for transformative experiences through VR/XR and AR is immense. These technologies promise a future akin to a real-life holodeck, offering exciting possibilities.
  • Robotics and Computer Vision

    • A world augmented with AI-driven robots could revolutionize standard living by undertaking dangerous and difficult tasks. Robotics, combined with computer vision, has the potential to enable solutions beyond human capabilities in areas like underwater operations, space endeavors, and handling hazardous materials.